Folic Acid Consumption for a Momma-to-be

Folic Acid

Food is the most important aspect ruling our health. What we eat today gets reflected on our body. You have always ignored healthy recommendations made by your parents, friends and even doctors. They seemed so boring to you. But now it seems quite different as you have conceived a baby. There are lots of responsibilities which you have to undertake and being healthy is the foremost issue for you, right at this moment. Whatever goes into your gullet would have a direct impact on your baby. The foodstuffs you consume and all other related elements would probably play an integral part on growth of the child in your womb.

The most important thing to look into is whether adequate nutrition is entering your body or not. Studies conducted on women have revealed that women mostly lack Folate an essential component for a woman’s health. Lack of folic acids in women can lead to high risks of neural tube deformity. Intake of Folate prior to pregnancy can help prevent this kind of neural deformity. Researches have proven that on an average a woman should indulge into 600 mcg of folic acid consumption on a daily basis. Consumption of nuts, beans, green vegetables and oats can help you derive the optimum level of folic acid. So it is important that you consider healthy eating from an early stage.

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