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Cinnamon extract affects blood glucose level as cinnamon is also one of the oldest culinary spices used in medicine. As always, cinnamon was highly treasured and popularity has continued all through the history. Today, cinnamon is used in the form of supplements or extracts. Its intake helps in fighting diabetes, obesity and several other related health issues. Cinnamon can be harmful when taken directly and in huge doses hence they are available in different extracts that boast proven clinical results. Here are the top 10 benefits that cinnamon extracts boast of:


Relief from Hypertension

Cinnamon extract is believed to help in lowering blood sugar levels. People who have high blood sugar level can easily benefit from this useful culinary spice. It can also minimize the need for drugs such as insulin.

Antibacterial benefits

Cinnamon extracts can prevent bacterial infections. According to the recent scientific studies, it has been revealed that cinnamon extract works quite effectively against multiple strains and kinds of bacteria. Such bacteria can include strep, staph and e coli.

Antioxidant benefits

Cinnamon extracts can keep away free radical damage within the body further preventing possibilities of disease and illness. It happens because of the antioxidant properties of cinnamon.

Anti-fungal benefits

One of the most surprising but impressive benefits of cinnamon extracts is that it helps in fighting fungal infections. Cinnamon is one of the top performers when it comes to keeping harmful fungal infections away for or e.g., yeast infections that are caused by Candida.

Blood sugar regulation benefits

One of the common health related problems that ever exists in the United States is the Insulin resistance. Cinnamon compounds act very similar to that of insulin within the body of the patient. Cinnamon extracts can treat the condition where glucose levels keep rising from time to time preventing the onset of diabetes.

Digestive tract benefits

Cinnamon extract can play a vital role in soothing irritable stomach and also a digestive tract. It can prove be a great solution to digestion issues like upset stomach and Nausea.

Prevention of Cancer

Cinnamon’s anticancer benefits are quite popular. According to the scientific studies, they have been successful in killing off the harmful cancer cells. If other scientists and some top medical professionals are to be believed then it can also play a crucial role in shrinking tumor growth.

Relief in Flatulence

Less gas and reduced flatulence is yet one of the top health benefits that cinnamon has to offer. As said earlier, cinnamon can sooth digestive tract so bloating and gas can be minimized too.

Reduction in Cholesterol

One of the well known benefits of the cinnamon extracts is their ability to reduce cholesterol in the blood. It also plays a protective role in maintaining cardiovascular health and obliterates that ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Weight loss benefits

Use of cinnamon extract can help achieve weight loss in a dramatic way. Cinnamon metabolism is such that the body can easily and comfortably burn more calories. It is possible without much effort.

Cinnamon extract has been showing positive clinical results in diabetic patients and can help ease out things quite dramatically. However, it should be kept in mind that huge doses of cinnamon can be harmful due to presence of volatile oils. Cinnamon with cinnulin is one of the most effective extracts available.

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